Back To Work

Monday was a day of unexpected changes, which is why I’ve not blogged much for the last few days.

In the morning I started on the wip, which calls for 1400 words a day, if I’m to have the first draft finished by August Bank Holiday; it’s not quite as brutal a daily rate as Black Death, which called for 2000 words a day for a month, but it eats up a fair chunk of every day.

So far so good, since I’m bang on target at the moment with 8400 words written.

But then in the afternoon I took a call from the Bank Office in Bristol, asking if I could work at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Since we need to keep ticking over until the autumn, of course I said yes.

But it means that my day is now writing the wip from 7 to 11 every weekday, then off to work at the Trauma Clinic, not getting home until 7pm. And it’s draining work, telling patients that their clinic has had to be cancelled at less than 24 hours notice –they are often understandably distressed– and by the time I get home and have cooked dinner, I’m sinply exhausted.

So for the moment blogs and reviews will become weekend events, unless I get a little more time and/or energy.

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