I am the author of six novels, the latest of which is Damage Time, published in October 2010.  I have two more projects underway, of which I’ll post more at a later date.

Damage Time

The strength of the novel lies not only in the depiction of a detailed future of hardship and privation, but in the expert characterisation of Shah: a lone figure whose origins leave him open to prejudice within the police department, and whose problematic relationship with an intersexual courtesan reveals his own deep-seated prejudices. Eric Brown, The Guardian
100% story with no added waffle that won’t let up from the beginning through to the end.
Falcata Times
Damage Time is a gritty near-future noir involving chilling mind ripping technologies, thrilling action and a memorable hero. Cybermage.

Cover for Damage Time by Chris Moore

“Damage Time is for science fiction readers who love “Homicide” or “The Wire,”

a gritty cop drama set in a future New York on the verge of collapse.

Pete Shah is a memorable hero and the memory rip technology will

make your skin crawl.”
– C.C. Finlay, author of The Patriot Witch and The Demon Redcoat

“If Charles Dickens had written a futuristic SF thriller, this would be it. Memorable characters, a page-turning plot, and a world that is far from and somehow like our own.”
– Christopher Barzak, author of One for Sorrow, and The Love We Share Without Knowing

It’s 2050 and sea-levels have swamped today’s coastal regions. New York City is protected by tidal barriers and the USA is bankrupt.

Detective Pervez (Pete) Shah serves with the NYPD’s Web Crimes Division as a Memory Association Specialist. When he’s accused of murdering a glamorous woman in a bar he must save himself, and find the killer…something made far harder when he is attacked and his own memories torn from him… 

Available in the UK and Rest of the World from October 7th, 2010.

Available in North America on October 26th 2010.

If you’re interested in a review copy, you can contact Angry Robot Books here.

And here are extracts for you to read:


Vengeance by Colin HarveyJocasta Pantile needs a case to keep the bailiff from the door. Stanislav Duff needs someone to find his prize spells. They make the ideal client and enquiry agent, especially with Jocasta’s prize asset, the genetically-engineered Spellhound.

The trouble is that when she finds them, Duff intends to kill the thief and his accomplices. Jocasta doesn’t much like his plan, but knows that if she doesn’t find them, Duff may kill her instead.

If he doesn’t kill her anyway; she knows too much about him for her own good.

Neither of them realize just how far Duff’s thirst for vengeance will take them…

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Lightning Days

Lightning Days by Colin HarveyThere’s a mystery in the caves of Afghanistan…

Josh Cassidy knows there is no such thing as a routine mission when he is sent to accompany an ill-prepared band of reservists on a hastily prepared mission into the lawless heart of Southern Afghanistan. The mysterious heat source that showed up on the military satellites could be just about anything, but nobody is prepared for what it actually is.

The horde of refugees that our world has to cope with is nothing compared to the vast, inhuman threat that they are fleeing from. With the mysterious Sophia, Cassidy must lead a second expedition, deep into the heart of enemy territory.

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The Silk Palace

The Silk Palace by Colin HarveyThe Kingdom of Whiterock is a small, independent country separating two vast empires who eye each other warily.

Bluestocking is a young scholar who is invited to Whiterock to translate a series of ancient texts. She finds herself at the centre of a conspiracy that threatens her, her lover, and the stability of her world.

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Blind Faith

Blind Faith by Colin HarveyMeet Frances Dedman, aka Faith DuQuayne, part-time tarot reader on Brighton Pier.

It is July 2005 and the eyes of the world are on London. Normally a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl disappearing from a nearby seaside town would be headline news, but the July 7th bombings have consigned Natalie Parrish to the inside pages.

When her father hires a private investigator, the police are unhappy about a blind girl and her ex-policeman uncle nosing around, but fighting terrorists is draining their people away, and they need all the help they can get, especially when a second wave of attacks stretch them to breaking point.

They would be even less happy if they knew the truth about Frances “blindness” but not even her ability to “read” other people can keep her safe. In fact, her blind faith in her ability may be the biggest danger of all.

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Winter Song

Winter Song by Colin HarveyThe planet had fallen off the map.

When his spaceship crashes on an unknown and forgotten planet, scientist Karl Allman is nursed back to health by the descendents of Icelandic settlers. But there is a price to pay, and when Karl insist on looking for a long-forgotten crash site, he finds himself hunted across a nightmare planet in which the wildlife is even more dangerous than the settlers. Then Karl makes a discovery that changes everything…

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