My Own Personal Twilight Zone Moment

As I sat on the bus on the way home tonight, I toyed with what music I wanted to listen to while I worked. I decided that since it had been years since I’d listened to the Don’t Look Back album from Boston, I’d like to hear it again. It’s over thirty years old now, but it’s a great side one especially. 

Unfortunately I only have it on vinyl, so  I decided to download it from Napster.

Half an hour later I wrote a disgusted note to them, got the album down from the attic, and cleared the clutter off the turntable.

While the album was playing I caught up on correspondence, and then decided to see what my teenage heroes were up to nowadays.

And as vocalist Brad Delp launched into A Man I’ll Never Be, came the TZ  moment — bearing in mind that I’d not listened to the album in years– as Delp sang "I can’t get any stronger/ I can’t climb any higher / You’ll never know just how hard I’ve tried," I read the awful newsof his suicide two years ago.

I know that it’s pure coincidence, I know that there’s no significance to it, but I’ve never felt so weirded out.

I shot across and had that damned album off the turntable before you could say "Tom Sholtz."

Hopefully things will return to normal the next time I get out an old album.

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• March 24th, 2009 • Posted in General • Comments: 0