Two Greats Talking

Last week, when checking in on Fred Pohl’s blog (which today has a typically forthright post), I found a link to Starship Sofa.

Fred was interviewed in September –together with Jack Vance– and hearing a 91-year-old talk with a 94-year-old offered a refreshing perspective; add in Tony’s lifespan, and the collective age of the interviewer and his guests was over 200 years old.

In fact, Vance more than held his own;  host Tony C. Smith barely had to ask a question (in fact Tony barely managed to ask a question) as Vance held forth on the different natures of Japanese, Chinese and Korean, quizzed Fred about Ceylon / Sri Lanka and offered a perspective on life as a -what is the 90’s equivalent fo an octogenarian? A nonagenarian?

Anyway, have a listen if you haven’t already, and enjoy.

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• January 14th, 2011 • Posted in General, Interviews • Comments: 0