Other People’s Blogs

Time to see what other people are doing on their blogs:                                                    

Gareth L Powell writes about a new anthology —2020 Visions— that’s out now. Stories by David Gerrold, Ernest Hogan, Mary Robinette Kowal and of course Gareth himself. I’ll have to check that one out.

Frederik Pohl is writing about his marriage to Judith Merrill, and is busily engaged in a verbal war with Kornbluth bigrapher Mark Rich over ‘hateful libels and lies,’ which is rather sad, so I’m going to move swiftly along.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s Diary has a terrific picture of Edinburgh in the snow, but has moved on with an updated post  about Utopia.

Eugene Byrne offers us his historical joke of the week.

Luc Reid examines at what point a habit forms.

And finally, James Maxey discusses abolishing the minimum wage in the USA.

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