Back From The Bed aka Blogs on the Con

It’s been at least a couple of years since I spent a whole day in bed, but yesterday I finally stopped fighting the damned virus and just slept for most of the day. Today is better, and I thought I’d better show my face in the land of the living before the kids completely trash the place.

And what do I find? Bristolcon has gone viral with blogs all over the place: from the official page, which reminded me that I never thanked MEG, Greg P. Bear, Andy, Cheryl, Heather, Roz, and of course last but not least — Jo. And the rest of the Dark Spires team who were able to make it — Gareth, Adam, Eugene and John. Unfortunately Liz and Guy couldn’t make it (I don’t subscribe to the rumour that he got the day wrong!) and Sarah was ill.

Sorry, rambling a bit there… where was I? Ah, yes…blogs on Bristolcon  — Juliet E. McKenna has one over at LJ, Nick Walters has one at WordPress,  and Gareth L Powell has one on his website. (That’s him on the left of the photo, btw…) A full list can be found on the Bristolcon website under ‘feedback.’

Now I’ve properly caught up on the overdues, time to get on with some new stuff. That’ll be tomorrow.

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  1. Joey says:

    You’re very welcome! 😀

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