Bristolcon 2010

For some not-so-unfathomable reason, all roads in England lead to, through or around London and/or Birmingham. Getting from North to South and vice versa is comparatively easy as well; but heaven help you if you want to travel West to East, or East to West in the South without going via London or Birmingham.

Most of the conventions in England tend to be held in the Eastern side, which is understandable, since the organizers tend to be from around there. But getting from the South-West to Nottingham, Northampton, Derby and York tends to be a bit of a pain in the Arras. So last year some nice people organized the first Bristolcon.

And now they’re holding another one.

With 85 pre-registration memberships, it’s already almost twice the size of last year’s event. Juliet McKenna, Mike Shevdon and Paul Cornell  are all braving the motorway to come down on on a Saturday; Paul to be one of the GoHs, Juliet to Moderate like it’s 1999, and Mike to be, well…Mike, one of the nicest guys around, who writes achingly good novels for Angry Robot Books.

Joe Abercrombie is the main GoH but the con also boasts John Meaney, Alastair Reynolds, Eugene Byrne, Kim Lakin-Smith and Stephanie Burgis, as well as graphic illustrators Simon Gurr, Terry Cooper, and Craig Lewis; Talis Kimberley will be providing music, Wizard’s Tower Press will be arranging a book launch, and Murky Depths will be there as well as Forbidden Planet bookstore, and — oh, just go to the site!

And you’re going to be there, aren’t you? Go on, you know that you want to…

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