Ira Nayman Interviewed

This month’s vic -interviewee is Ira Nayman, who runs the Alternate Reality News Service. Actually, Ira is so enthusiastic that we had to cut his interview in three to fit it into the tiny little boxes Suite101 allocates.  But it’s worth it to check out this fascinating man’s thoughts on reading, comedy and spec-fic.

I can’t think of too much else to say at the moment as I’m still reeling from the twitter feed covering the Hugo Awards. I’ll cover the results in more detail tomorrow; enough for the moment to say that I’m pleased and delighted that Peter Watts and Will McIntosh won deserved first Hugos, and I’m (pleasantly) gob-smacked that not only did Paolo Bacigalupi win the Hugo I never thought he’d for The  Wind-up Girl (too controversial, I thought — shows how much I know!) but that he had to wrestle China Mieville to a stand-still to tie with him for The City and The City.

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