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  1. When does a multiplex become a multiplex? I’ve been at films where I was the only person in the audience at the Odeon (3 screens) and also, before their demise, the ABC Whiteladies Road and the Frogmore. Again they both had 3 screens. The trick to getting the cinema to yourself is to go to see a film that has been out for a week or so, and pick an early afternoon showing on a weekday!
    Also, I’ve been leaping for joy since the De Lux multiplex opened in the city centre, so that I can walk there. Not everyone owns a car!!! And the Odious was rubbish at getting in the films I wanted to see. Some wretched blockbuster would clog up their screens for weeks, and the ‘not quite as popular as Harry Potter/DaVinci Code/Lord of the Rings’ movies wouldn’t get a look in. To add insult to injury sometimes they’d even trailer the ones I wanted to see and then not bother to actually get them in…

  2. Colin says:

    I agree that it’s nice to get an empty cinema to oneself. But from the perspective of enlightened self-interest, if multiplexes haemorrage money, who pays for it in the end?
    My thoughts were that there should be scope for more flexibility in programming. They have six daily showings of A&D on, and other things being shown once a day — if at all. Maybe if they develop the facility to discount if they ask you to wait an hour (for the next showing on the alternate screen) – and have a ‘back-up’ film for alternate screening.
    OK, these are blue-sky thoughts, but you have twenty-first century technology underpinned by nineteenth century organization.
    And I know, they’re not alone in that…
    …sadly, as I get older and grumpier I see more and more the gap between what is and what could be.

  3. It would be an impressive juggling act to be able to both schedule film times in advance (to let people pre-book) and to swap out one film for another if hardly anyone wanted to see it. Getting the mix wrong would result in oodles of annoyed punters. They’d almost have to have an official “overspill” screen to quickly shove on another showing of whatever was in demand that day…
    On the money side, I suspect that the packed cinema for Summer Blockbuster 2 rakes in more than enough profit to make up for the fact that only two people a night went to see Obscure Arthouse.
    The De Lux, of course, charges a premium to see Obscure Arthouse, by putting it on in the “Director’s Hall”! If me, you and Mrs Miggins from the pie shop fork out an extra £5 to see that we’ve probably paid the minimum wage for the usher who let us in and hoovered up the popcorn after we’ve gone.

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