Dark Spires Stories

Earlier this week, Salon Futura ran the Table of Contents for the Dark Spires anthology.  It’s not quite finalized, as the running order of the last few stories needs to be ironed out (I’ve blogged before about the importance of the order of stories).

But while they thrashed out here is the interim Table of Contents for Dark Spires:

  • Sarah Singleton: “The Preacher”
  • John Hawkes-Reed: “Pump House Farm”
  • Adam Colston: “Cobalt Blue”
  • Joanne Hall: “Corpse Flight”
  • Colin Harvey: “Spindizzy”
  • Eugene Byrne: “Spunkies”
  • Christina Lake: “The Sleeper Stone”
  • Guy Haley: “Outside”
  • Liz Williams: “Milk”
  • Roz Clarke: “Last Flight To West Bay”
  • Gareth L. Powell: “Entropic Angel”

I’ll talk more about the the anthology nearer the launch date of November 6th.

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