Green Daze

This morning seems to have whizzed by even faster than it usually does, perhaps because even during my breaks from writing, I’ve been busy chopping things to stuff mushrooms with for lunch — so walnuts have been pestled, peppers and onions chopped and all mixed in with beaten egg and grated cheese.

So suddenly it’s nearly twelve and I’m contemplating where the morning’s got to.

One moment of it was spent thinking about this blog:

We’ve had week after week (it seems) of glorious sunshine, to the extent that people are muttering about hosepipe bans and water rationing. I looked out of the window as I was fetching the post in and noticed that after one night’s heavy rain, the lawn is already starting to green up. Suddenly everything is looking less dessicated, a little less tired — everything’s going green again.

I suspect that the next time I emerge from my daze, Joe Public will be complaining how they’re sick of rain, and wot ‘appened to the summer?

Right, back to stuffing mushrooms.

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• July 15th, 2010 • Posted in General • Comments: 0