Guest Blog From Mark Eller, Author of Traitor

Writing a book is hard, but it’s only a small part of what’s required. Revising, editing, finding a publisher, editing again, marketing are all things that authors face if they want to be successful. It is only after all this is finished that they will learn if the public likes what they have bled over.

I’ve written a number of short stories and books, the first of which is ready to be published. I’ve done a few live interviews and podcasts. With each of these I have put myself out there to be judged by a few thousand people, most of whom I will never meet in person…They will never know me beyond my voice or my written words. My face will be a mystery, my personality quirks unknown. Even so, this was hard stuff for me. Like most writers, I’m definitely an introvert. I had to overcome ingrained habits and my natural preferences to pursue this thing I love, to present myself to a few thousand people I will never meet…
An opportunity has arrived for fourteen authors to get help with this grueling process. In June 2009, Cyrus Webb of Conversations Live is hosting a new reality show on the C.W. Network titled The Write Stuff. The winner will receive a book contract, a marketing plan, a marketing campaign, and an number of other prizes.

These fourteen writers must put themselves and their work up before millions of people. Every word they write will be judged. Every action they take will be seen. Does their personality match their writing, are they manipulative, honest, delusional, or are they uniquely talented people who are finally getting a chance at success? Every aspect of their personalities and talent will be judged by millions of people. This takes the courage to face rejection, criticism, and most of all to reach for success.
I will be cheering for the contestants on The Write Stuff.
Thank you Cyrus, for giving them this chance and letting us see it.

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