Displacement by Colin HarveyAt the white, freckled, cauliflower-like skin, Chau took a hissing breath. “This is Officer Chau. Confirm that the body is a Lenden.”

When Raphael Chau pulls the body of a dead alien from the water, he has no idea what he’s getting into. It’s a decade since a fleet of refugees parked in low-Earth orbit begging for sanctuary, and Vancouver has become a powder-keg of resentment on both sides. Assigned to an investigation that’s a minefield of politics and media intrusion, Chau finds himself torn between divided loyalties, between his own people and what’s right or wrong.

A novella plus four other stories of distant colonies, alternate worlds and alien invasion by the bestselling author of Winter Song, Lightning Days and The Silk Palace.

The title novella and two of the stories are original to the collection, while ‘On The Rock’ was first published in Albedo One.

‘A Sea of Grass’ was first published on-line, and is a sidebar to Lightning Days.