Today’s Outing

As is usual when we have two or more clear days and nights, last night was much colder than the night before, so that, walking Alice through the fields again, the ground was noticeably harder than yesterday — no standing water today. You can probably see the hard frost on the ground in the photo here. If it stays like this, I might be able to provide a timeline of Alice’s walks!

And  the birdbath was rock solid (sigh; it seems like only yesterday that I was pouring kettle fulls of hot water on the ice to thaw it, while the birds watched from their various branches in the trees), so that once again I was reduced to pouring hot water on the ice so that the blackbirds and various finches wouldn’t get too parched.

But the upside is that we have another gloriously sunny day, so it’s all worth it. It seems  a shame to waste sunshine by sitting in a cinema to watch The King’s Speech, so we’ll go tonight, and use the day to its maximum potential.

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