So Much for The Holiday

Grr! The plan was to take this week off, but we can’t go out today as we’re waiting for a delivery of kitchen tiles.  And we can’t even sit outside as the workman have turned up to re-lay a water pipe outside our front gate. Cue a tractor- mounted pneumatic drill, and the smell of scorching pavement wafting across the graden.

Oh well, nothing else for it but to tidy up one of those reviews I almost finished before Eastercon. In this case, it’s a play, as we went to see Noel Coward’s Present Laughter recently.

At least the workmen should be finished by tomorrow…

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After The Feast

…comes the reckoning, as I wrote over at suite101.

I woke up this morning feeling as if I’d somehow committed some terrible sin by having a few nights out. I must work on suppressing this Calvinism that overtakes me from time to time. But only after I’ve written a review…

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Sunshine Here We Come — Sometime

Another one of the weather/light related blog posts over at suite. Are you beginning to sense a recurring theme here? <g>

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