Border Problem Updates

Last week I blogged about a couple of live cases involving members of the SF community and getting in and out of the US. In the last few days the situation has become clearer, although no happier for those involved. More about it at the usual venue.

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  1. George Berger says:

    Hallo Colin—I am very glad that you blogged about the cases of Peter Watts and Cheryl Moore. I knew nothing about the details of the latter case, but a lot about the former’s issues. I consider the explicit or implicit inclusion of the asking of an obvious question in the relevant law as opening the floodgates to that law’s forming part of a totalitarian system. By itself it is bad enough.

  2. The computer groups I’m a part of have generally stopped expecting any attendance from non-US citizens at US conferences. If I want to interact with non-US experts in my field, I need to leave the country. So, I’m hitting Ottawa in May.

    I know one brilliant Brit computer scientist who was a US Defense Department contractor before 2001. After 2001, he had such trouble getting into the country that he had to quit.

    It’s ridiculous.


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