Sunshine = Productivity?

It’s been another lovely sunny day, although that’s due to end soon, and it’s a real pleasure being able to take the laptop out into the garden while Kate reads. If I sit with my back to the sun, I can keep working without losing the laptop’s screen in the sun. I’m not sure whether there’s an established link between sunshine and productivity, but certainly my productivity has soared this week

Today I’ve written the obligatory 000 words, thereby passing the midpoint of Damage Time, finished reading –and reviewed– The Interpreter by Brian Aldiss, written most of a capsule article on Brian Aldiss for the benefit of the less knowledgeable readers on Suite101, and read –and reviewed, as well– most of Interzone 221.

It’s back to work in the bowels of the Eye Hospital tomorrow, which is one of the reasons why I want to get ahead.

 Another reason is that I’m in Dublin next weekend for P-Con VI. I’m on some interesting panels:-

13:00 Sat – Room 2 – Money in SF

How does it work, and how much is a Credit worth in Euro anyway?

16:00 Sat – Room 2 – High Priests and Priestesses of Love

An agony aunt response to questions of love supplied, anonymously, by Convention members.

 14:00 Sun – Room 2 – The End of the World as We Know it?

Are we about to enter the standard issue dystopia that sf has been warning us about (fluctuating oil prices, economic collapse, global warming etc.)?

 15:00 Sun – Room 2 – Genre fiction magazines

Genre fiction magazines are finding it more difficult to survive.  What are the options for survival, or are they a "dead horse"?

 If anyone has any thoughts on these topics, do share…


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