Week 3 At Uni

Monday evening at the beginning of week 3; I’ve just about caught up after the landslide at the start of term. Home at 7.10 pm — after an 11-hour day, I really needed Worst Bus to fail to turn up like I need a chocolate fireguard.

I guess that if I can keep that going, it’ll be the pattern — swamped by the end of the first Monday, holding on the Tuesday, and then gradually catching up over the next twelve days, with a second mini-deluge.  With a reading week to come in November, that may give me a bit of a breather.

I’m going to need it, I suspect. I’ve found the last two weeks really stretching;  in the last two weeks –on top of working on Ultramassive– I’ve had to read Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts which must count as one of the best collections of recent years, Stephen King’s Carrie and On Writing, and Greg Egan’s Zendegi, and  I’ve had to review and/or critique every one of them.

Today’s highlight was watching Brendan Donagh’s short film Six Shooter, which had me holding my sides at times. I couldn’t add it to my Film Making blog, since there’s no available footage, but if you get a chance to watch the exploding cow, I urge you to take the opportunity.

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