The Harvey Diet

I must be the only man I know who puts on weight when his wife stops exercising.

While I love food – and I do love food, it’s my achilles heel– I love writing more; if I’m working, I can forget to cook dinner and substitute grazing, or even not eating.

But Kate likes to cook, and in the six months after we married, I put on three stone (I did only weigh eight stone at the time, so my Body Mass Index was somewhere in the region of 18%).

But she now goes to exercise classes four nights a week, and one unexpected result — as we realized yesterday– is that time spent down the gym is less time in the kitchen.

We learned this because when she didn’t go yesterday, she took up residence in front of the cooker and made Lemon Lamb Casserole. And a chocolate cake. And ginger and choc chip cookies. Which of course I just had to try. I wasn’t sure about it, so I had another one. And another….(they’re very more-ish)

I’m dispatching her back to class tonight before my jeans explode, and I’ll do the damned cooking from now on.

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• October 14th, 2010 • Posted in General • Comments: 0