Another Monday Morning

Not just another Monday morning, of course. As (at least) one of my lecturers noted, it’s the start of the academic year. And it’s my first Monday for 3 weeks, during which time the dark has encroached noticably.  Not only was it pitch black when the alarm sounded at 5.30, but it was still dark when I took Alice out at 6.45 — it’ll soon be time to move to the winter dog-walking timetable.

I must admit to being profoundly depressed first thing this morning, especially at an item on the 6 o’clock news (about which more tomorrow) but as always after 2 or 3 hours woth of writing -at the end of which I’d revised a short story to submission stage– I was considerably chirpier.

Writing; my drug of choice.

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• September 27th, 2010 • Posted in General • Comments: 0