Dropping By at Suite101

New blog post at Suite101, and a couple of questions about which I’d appreciate any thoughts you care to share.

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  1. I don’t check LJ every day, so it doesn’t matter to me if those posting on it post once a day or once a week.
    Also I’d be quite happy if interesting posts were less frequent but longer. Posting for the sake of posting seems a bit pointless, though I trust you not to reduce your blog to the level of one of the entries from a friend of mine: Walked to work today. Bought soap on the way home

  2. Colin says:

    That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid!
    And there’s a word limiter per post on Suite101 which influnences to me to either be concise or chop it up – or both. Not ideal, but such is life.
    It seems that 2 or 3 times a week is fine by most people, maybe crescendo-ing to daily at times like cons, etc, when there’s a surfeit of interesting ideas around.
    Thanks for the feedback. It’s a great help.

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