Future Bristol Events


A quick note to summarize the events we’ve lined up to promote Future Bristol:


Eastercon Launch. Sunday 12th April, 14.00 — 15.30 hours at the Con Hotel. 

Present: Andy Bigwood (artist), Christina Lake, Colin Harvey, Gareth L Powell, Liz Williams, Stephanie Burgis.

There will be a raffle, plus free wine, juice, coffee, tea & muffins.


Bristol Signing at Forbidden Planet Superstore, Saturday 25th April. 13.00 – 14.00 hours.

Present: Andy Bigwood, Colin Harvey, Gareth L Powell, Jim Mortimore, Joanne Hall, Liz Williams, Nick Walters


FP have asked us to be there a half hour before the start, and to hang on for an hour after the event. I suspect that we might then repair to the pub across the road…


If anyone I’ve listed can’t make it, please let me know asap.





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