Back From Dublin

The clock is headed toward midday as I write this, and I’ve only been in for about half an hour! I was up at 5.30 this morning, which is no earlier than any other day, but it already seems to have gone on forever. It’s all about the travelling. And in about three hours I’ll be heading for my Scriptwriting Seminar at Uni, so I’d better turn my thoughts toward that.

But before I do, I’ve posted more about P-Con over at Suite.

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P-Con 7 Timetable

I fly out to Dublin later on today for the annual Phoenix Con, now in its seventh year. I have a pretty busy Saturday, with panels pretty much every other hour, so that if I’m lucky I’m on stage for an hour with an hour until the next one.

I’m unsure where my slot is in the ‘Meet the Author’ strand; if it’s Saturday, it could blow that nice steady routine out of the water — Sunday before or after lunch would be ideal, but I’ll take whatever crops up.

Sunday looks a little quieter, but here’s my timetable in full.

I was going to say ‘See you all tomorrow’ in Gaelic, but I can’t actually read Grace’s hand-writing…translation fail, Grace!

So I’ll see you all tomorrow…in English.

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Timetable Ambush

Today’s post over at Suite101 is nearer to a rant. (What am I saying? It is a rant, albeit, almost under control…) It’s probably going to prove a bit of an own-goal, but a rant’s better out than in, and it means I can get on with tackling the day. And it’s better than Going Krakatoa on someone.

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Counting Down to P-Con

With the onset of spring, so ends the long winter hibernation of the SMOF (Secret Masters of Fandom) community, at least those who haven’t gone South to Florida. Although from what I’ve heard of the weather in Florida this year, hibernation might have been preferable.

But now they’re waking up, and so the con season begins, with Microcon in the UK, and P-Con 7 in Ireland. I’ll be going to this one. More tomorrow or Thursday.

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News of Bristolcon


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Afterword to Aftermath

(ie, more about Bristolcon!) herebl

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New blog post at Suite101

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Counting Down

Last blog before the big day.

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Fantasycon 2009

Brief highlights (from my 8 hour stay!) here.

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More About Stuff — and Worldcon

The other reason I’ve missed an occasional day’s blogging. 🙂

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